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The Roadmap to Nowhere

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By:  Yitschak Ben-Gad

Dr. Yitschak Ben-Gad, a former Israeli consul general, is an expert on the Arab-Israeli conflict, and has a rare gift for stating the key elements of that struggle to a mass audience.  If you are unfamiliar with the geography of the region, Ben-Gad makes it easy.

  • Who are the Palestinians, and what do they want?
  • Which terrorist groups are based in the Middle East?
  • Who harbors them?
  • Does Israel have legitimate rights to the land?
  • Are the settlements an obstacle to peace?
  • What was Oslo?
  • Where did the conflict start?

Various sections present the reader with an excellent grasp of the most important issue of our time, and provides complete and accurate information about this complicated yet vital region.  Paperback