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"Filled With The Spirit" A Verse-by-Verse Commentary on Acts

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Author:  John R. Rice
This title is a commentary on the Book of Acts.  Acts is a book on evangelism, and needs evangelistic passion and experience to explain it.  Most Bible commentaries on Acts have been written by men who never had a revival, never were filled with the Holy Spirit in the Bible sense, never organized or was pastor of a vigorous, evangelistic, New Testament, local church; yet they try to explain these things in the book of Acts!  Now, here is a verse-by-verse commentary by an evangelist of wide experience who was a spirit-filled soul winner, who saw tens of thousands saved; a man who established a number of local churches and saw them grow into successful, soul-winning works.  This commentary on Acts follows the theme of the Moody-Torrey-Spurgeon-Sunday-Scarborough position on the Holy Spirit.  It gives proper answers to local, independent, New Testament church of born-again, baptized believers.  It puts an emphasis on the mighty power of the Holy Spirit, available to all Christians, which emphasis is rare.