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The Hawk And The Jewel

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By:  Lori Wick

From the tapestried Halls of Victorian England to the alabaster courts of Arabia.  The Kensington Chronicles will sweep you far away to another time and place.

For years Lord Gallagher's family has thought that Sunny perished with Lady Gallagher in storm-tossed seas off the Arabian coast. Unknown to them the beautiful todder had been found and taken to the palace of Darhabar, where she was raised as the ruler's own child.  Now the emir, Ahmad Khan, has contacted the family and asked them to send a ship for her. 

Brandon Hawksbury, friend to the Gallaghers and appealing young captain of the vessel, gazes at Sunny as she comes aboard.  It will not be easy for the restless girl to accept a new life, a new family, a new faith.  What lies ahead is in God's hand.  Softcover, 347 pages