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The Knight And The Dove

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By:  Lori Wick

From the tapestried halls of Victorian England to the alabaster courts of Arabia.  The Kensington Chronicles will sweep you far away to another time and place.

Eager to secure permanent loyalty from Bracken of Hawkings Crest, a most promising young knight, King Henry commands that Bracken marry into one of the crown's most loyal families.  But Lord Vincent's oldest daughter, the beautiful yet deceitful Marigold, scorns the king's edict.  She will never marry a lowly earl.  Now Lord Vincent must call his beloved Megan from the abbey and send her to Hawings Crest to wed.

When Marigold discovers that Bracken has been made a duke for his obedience, jealousy drives her to madness----a madness that will stop at nothing to bring her younger sister pain.  Will Bracken resue Megan from Marigold's wicked scheme?  Will Megan ever hear the words she longs to hear from her knight?  Softcover, 345 pages - A moving epic of God's tender care.