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The Proposal

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By:  Lori Wick   " The English Garden Series"  Book One

1810  -  London, England

William Jennings is a man who has never known the love and companionship that marriage brings---and doesn't want to.  A relative dies and leaves Jennings with three young children.  As the last male of his generation, he's thrilled to have two boys to carry on his name.  Yet what is he to do with a little girl?  The brothers tolerate their kind but demanding guardian---until they discover their younger sister is at the mercy of a cruel nanny.

Jennings is finally driven to his sister for help, and while spending the summer at her home, becomes acquainted with her neighbor.  Intelligent and deeply grounded in her faith, Marianne Walker has a chance to show Jennings the world in a different light.  Will Jennings find himself drawn to this woman---and to the God she so obviously loves?  Softcover, 297 pages