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The Rescue

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By:  Lori Wick  - " The English Garden Series"  Book 2

1811  -  Collingbourne, England   -  When Anne Gardiner slips from a ladder into the arms of a handsome stranger, her unstable father, Colonel Gardiner, deems the innocent embrace cause for immediate marriage.  Anne quickly agrees while the flustered Robert Weston stammers in amazement.   At first believing he's been taken in by charlatans, Weston eventually sees that the "marriage" was performed for the Colonel's sake and that Anne had as little choice in the matter as he did.  His feelings change completely when he learns that she's sacrificed her own reputation to protect his name.

Weston's heart has told him that love is overrated.  Anne has survived on her own for many years.  Will they trust God as they step into a new relationship?  Will they recognize love when it finally reaches them?  Softcover, 297 pages