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The Visitor

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By:  Lori Wick  - " The English Garden Series"  Book 3

1812  -  The English Countryside  -  After a throw from his horse, Alexander Tate is left with bandaged eyes and prayers for healing.  Not until the doctor orders rest does he leave London for Collingbourne and what he thinks will be a peaceful and uneventful stay.  When his Aunt Harriet asks one of the Steele sisters to read to Tate daily, the intriguing voice of this visitor sparks new light in the heart of the young man.

As Tate's affection grows stronger, he wonders if this vibrant woman visits only out of kindness or if she could love a man who might never regain his sight.  Soon he understands that he is not the only one struggling with blindness, though hers is of a different kind entirely.  Will these two young hearts trust God's healing touch, however it may come?  Softcover, 304 pages