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The Pursuit

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By:  Lori Wick  -  " The English Garden Series"  Book 4

1813  -  Collingbourne in the Spring  -  Edward Steele has enjoyed a great adventure in Africa with his brother, Henry.  Now Henry has returned to England, and Edward, hoping to be home for Christmas, is ready to follow.  However, Edward has always been a man of his word, and when aboard ship he tells two strangers he will help them, he stands by that promise.  He never dreamed that meeting these two men will put a woman into his life who captivates and confounds him in equal measure.

After rendering assistance to the gentlemen, which costs him valuable time, Edward continues on his way, believing he will never see his fellow travelers again.  He cannot foresee that when spring comes to Collingbourne, his life will be changed forever.  Softcover,  296 pages