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Christmas Letters  (Four Unique Novellas)

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By:  Susan Downs,  Rebecca Germany,  Darlene Mindrup,  Kathlen Paul

Letters and Romance Tangle Across WWII Battle Lines in Four Unique Novellas.  Christmas 1944 is engulfed by a cloud of worldwide conflict.

Eight young people, caught in the dreary circumstances war has handed them, seek to find a trace of joy in the holiday season.  Their stories unfold with the exchange of letters.

  • Forces of Love
  • The Missing Peace
  • Christmas Always Comes
  • Engagement of the Heart

Relive the ragedies and triumphs of World War II . . . see how God's steadfast presence brings His people through each trial . . . and rejoice in His greatest "love letter", celebrated each Christmas in the stories listed above.  Paperback, 350 pages