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A Prairie Christmas (Two Novellas)

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By:  Pamela M. Griffin,  Maryn Langer

To their newest residents, the Northern Plains of the 1870's do not seem welcoming.  The vast open landscapes, raked by chilly winds, makes Lucinda and Ivy long for "home." 

Ivy Leander is torn from Boston society by her mother's marriage and relocation to a small Nebraska town---and she would do anything to return east.  She makes no effort at friendliness, but Craig Watson sees through her frosty exterior.  Can he teach Ivy the true meaning of Christmas---and love?

When the great Chicago fire robs widow Lucinda Porter of the lavish house she once shared with her husband, she takes employment in the country.  Now, wrongly accused of theft and thrown out at Christmastime, she meets David Morgan.  Can this student of the law help her find justice?  Or will they discover something of even greater  value together?  Paper back, 220 pages