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Eye Of The Beholder (Book #2) Seaport Suspense

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By:  Kathy Herman

Guy Jones is about to burst his buttons.  He just won the biggest case of his career and is being hailed by his law partners.  But his wife, Ellen, is so consumed with her quirky, needy friends that she misses his victory dinner.

When a fishing boat full of explosives is seized near Seaport, Ellen's stubborn loyalty to her Iranian friends lands her in the FBI's spotlight--and Guy's bad graces.  But when Guy encounters Kinsey's (his legal secretary) dark side, a lot more than the Joneses' marriage is threatened.  Amid danger, deceit, and violence, Guy and Ellen clash over a key issue:  Who is worth befriending----and who deserves loyalty under fire?  Softcover, 332 pages