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Forgiven (Book #2)  Firstborn Series

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By:  Karen Kingsbury

 Popular and famous Hollywood action star Dayne Matthews has it all but deep down he feels empty inside. Katy Hart who refused a part in a movie with him knew she and Dayne live in two different worlds and a true Christian would never becomes involved with a man like him.   Dayne knows that his biological family the Baxters live there but he won?t reveal himself to them because he doesn?t want to bring the ugliness of his world home to them.

This beautiful Christian inspirational novel has life lessons that reach out beyond religion. Dayne might have no choice in his decision not to introduce himself to the Baxters because his father has decided to search for him. The love the two protagonists feel for one another is beautiful although both believe for different reasons that they can?t be together. Katy?s nurturing abilities to every one she knows combined with her faith makes her a strong person who helps others through the tragedy.  Softcover, 358 pages